K4 Is…

We are an integrated team of Architecture, Interior & Graphic Design, Construction and Administrative professionals that design, build, and remodel commercial buildings with a particular focus on financial, retail, health care, education, and multi-family sectors.

In response to the changing needs of our clients, K4 has evolved into a full-service design firm and whether you need one or all of our services, we are happy to fit seamlessly into your project in any way that we can.


Our culture is best described as a high intensity group of problem solvers, obsessed with quality and continual self-improvement.  We appreciate & embrace a climate of mutual respect and accountability.  We take great strides in encouraging, inspiring, and leading people and organizations to grow.

Our people are our single greatest strength and key to building a powerful, sustainable, competitive advantage.


We base our actions on consistently delivering on relationships and exceeding expectations through accountability, integrity and value.  We are committed to dependable delivery of realistic schedules and strict adherence to reasonable budgets that keep our clients coming back.

We listen to our clients and make sure the core values of their company are evident and consistent throughout their branded place.  By integrating brand strategy into facility design, you can create an environment that inspires your employees and helps your customers better understand your company’s mission and vision, while carving out a unique position for yourself in the marketplace.  Your building is your presence within the community, a revenue generator, and where your customers interact with your brand – so therefore it should be a reflection of your story.

Why K4?

We pride ourselves on our “Total Solutions” approach to projects, managing the entire process so that our clients can remain focused on their core business.  Our uniqueness lies in the fact that the relationship doesn’t end once the plans are drawn and specs submitted, and we can be accountable for the entire design and development of the project from initial inception to completion.  However, we offer the alternative of selecting specific services from our menu that are relevant to your needs.

We’ll also work to keep your project dollars local, by hiring and working with your local contractors and clients, so that we can assist you in nurturing your current business relationships. We have a repeat client base of 80% and we look forward to building a relationship with you!