About This Project

Lexington, KY - 3,690 s.f.

Park Community wanted to relocate their existing Lexington branch to a more prominent location that was better suited to their demographic and to better serve their existing membership.


This project was a multi-tenant building so the design challenge was to match the existing exterior to Park’s prototype design and branding, thus preserving brand consistency amongst the various branches.


K4 developed exterior renderings to illustrate how some of the exterior design elements could be modified to better relate to the prototype; including integration of a stone base, and painting the exterior to better communicate the Park brand. Previous Park facilities had integrated new ITM technology, but they wanted to keep the traditional teller line for this facility.


K4 was able to integrate the prototypical “kit-of-parts” using branded design elements such as casework and furniture; as well as a consistent pallet of materials, colors, and environmental graphics.