Convention Was Great…Now What? Part II

Part I of this post was written when K4 was on the brink of attending three conventions/trade shows/annual meetings in three weeks, and was spoken more from the perspective of a convention attendee.  Fresh from attending those shows, and with a break in our trade show schedule until Spring 2015, I thought I’d share with fellow marketers how we recap and measure the season and ROI of attending a convention as an exhibitor.

1.  Work LinkedIn…Again.  Did you send any pre-show invitations to connect, hoping to meet someone?  If you happened to meet them at convention, congrats, send them a follow up message thanking them.  If not, send them a message expressing that you are sorry you missed them, but you’d still like the opportunity to meet.

2.  Evaluate Pre and Post-Show Email Efforts.  Now that you’re not so much in the thick of the show season, it’s a great time to check out the reports and analytics behind those pre and post-show emails.  Who opened your emails?  What was the click through rate?  What within the email did people click on?  Who unsubscribed?  Use this intelligence to build better email communications for the next season.

3.  Budget Projected Vs. Actual.  Pull out the credit card receipts and final hotel charges…what did you actually spend?  And be prepared to justify those expenditures in terms of ROI to your boss, and have a prospect list and action items to back it up.

4.  Provide Feedback.  Take those post show surveys and really be honest on what you liked, what you didn’t, and offer feedback on how the organization putting on the show can add more value for you as either an exhibitor or attendee.

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5.  Take Stock of Your Marketing Materials.  Just returned from the last show of the season and threw everything in storage until the next season starts up?  Take this time to take stock and re-order any promo items for the next season as well as examining your exhibit displays and equipment for broken items in order to make repairs, order new parts, etc.

6.  Team Meeting.  What went well at these shows and what didn’t?  What can we do better next time?  Brainstorm ideas while it is all still fresh.  How can you work together to maximize the efficiency of the booth?  What roles can you each play to support the main goal of attracting the right prospects to your booth and engaging them?

7.  Gather and Fill out Early Bird Registrations for Discounts.  If you enjoyed the show, found it worthwhile and plan on returning…make sure you take advantage of the early bird registration…often a 10-15% discount off the price of an exhibit booth.

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And finally relaxanother successful season!  Until next time…