For the Love of Design – Part III

In previous blog posts, we asked a sampling of our designers what was a particular design that was important to them; something that inspired them, whether a building, a sculpture, a fast car, or even baseball cards!

This year follows the same format, keeping in mind that design can be a verb (design a building) or a noun (the design she came up with was award winning). Either way, here is what is important or inspiring to some of our designers.

Bob Welling – Project Architect

I love that after the work of architecture is complete, design can whisper to me. After drawings are checked, phone calls and e-mails are returned, and deadlines are met; I can appreciate the simple and subtle design of a kite and a good one is hard to find. I spent many a spring day as a child with my mom trying unsuccessfully to fly paper department store kites with cotton rag tails.  I spent more time in college trying to build the perfect Tetra and had a beautiful red and blue example above my desk in studio at grad school. A decade ago, I stumbled upon a magnificent Cody in San Diego. The money turned me away at first, but fortunately I returned to the store just before I flew out.  It has become one of my best flyers, and I always marvel at its craftsmanship. I’m lucky when I get to spend some time on the beach with my favorites. When I’m lucky enough, I will enjoy the deep blue sky and gentle breeze and punctuate it with a little color again.

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Sandy Tenhundfeld – Project Manager/LEED AP

What I love most about design is sharing it with my children. Whether it is something as simple as my daughter helping to decide how we hang a group of frames on the wall and what photographs or picture will use or working with my son and his Legos to create something totally different and unusual. By introducing them to design around the house, I feel they are growing their appreciation of design in the world and all the places design is present, from buildings to landscapes and even artwork or set designs at plays and musicals. Engaging children in design early helps to grow them in all areas of learning and life, from the arts to science and engineering.

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Rick Posey – Principal

Solving functional problems in a way that is pleasing to the eye – beauty. Design is how something works, not only how it looks or is perceived, but how it feels and functions for its intended purposes. This has been the driving force behind the success of Apple, because Steve Jobs demanded it. The Natural world of which we are a part, has behind it a hidden growth principal, the Golden Mean, or Ratio. A proportion found in the growth spiral of flowers, trees, animals and us. A sort of genetic code.

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Solving a design solution is like unlocking a puzzle, and watching magic be released. Looking at and feeling something for the first time. This is the Love of Design…..

Cynthia Braun – Interior Designer

What I love about design is the ever-expanding nature of the field. Design is always moving forward while also reflecting on the past. As architects and designers, we look for inspiration in our surroundings from the old tree house down the street to the new high rise in downtown. Every aspect of the built environment is based on a new idea drawn somehow or somewhere from the past. It is a profession purely limited by our own sense of discovery. It will never grow old as we continue to explore new boundaries and push the barriers of how we build, design and finish new spaces.

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