Feb 10, 2014
Jack Neu

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, some of us at K4 wanted to share what we love about design and why.  We hope you enjoy this post and that we may inspire you to appreciate the design your interact with in your daily lives.

Sandy Tenhundfeld, Project Manager/LEED AP

I am going with the LEGO set.  I love that when you design with them, there are infinite possibilities while at the same time, there are constraints.  You are constrained by only using specific pieces/sizes etc., but you can come up with infinite designs!  Even better than the design elements are the hours I spend with my children having fun while learning at the same time.

I also absolutely love the Museum Center.

The main rotunda is inviting but at the same time overwhelming with the sign and complexity of the structure.  I am always fascinated by the Art Deco design and the intricacies of it.  I can look at the tile mosaics for hours.  How the artists were able to create such gorgeous murals with the tiniest of tile pieces amazes me.

Matt Remar, CADD

I love the design of contemporary stadiums.  I love how the current design trends of stadiums have transformed from traditional functional structures into distinctive landmarks providing civic identify and pride.  One particular stadium I am fascinated with is Estádio Municipal de Braga in Portugal.

I find this sporting arena captivating because of the intentional use of the topography.  I like the obvious choice to incorporate an existing hill with the stadium seating and the incorporation of “the cheap seats” high on the cliff.  I love how this entire design encapsulates the playing field yet still provides adequate openness that doesn’t suffocate the interior.  I love how the interior and exterior symmetry was designed in a contrasting manner.  The seating is mirrored evenly on both sides yet the exterior appearances of the grand stands are completely opposite.  I love how this designer envisioned a grandiose gathering place for the local inhabitants on an elevated site above the city.  This site showcases Estádio Municipal in such a manner that it makes it inclusive to the entire city. The hill top site location provides and extra dynamic of excitement by adding intrigue and awe upon approaching and entering this signature structure.  On a traditional open and flat site this stadium design would possess minimal identity.  The use of the terrain combined with a simple, sensible and functional design makes this stadium very attractive to me!

Tricia Bertke, Designer/LEED AP

What I love about design is that you can find it anywhere.  You can find it in the shape of your favorite coffee mug, the eye-catching text on a café menu, the styles introduced in this season’s fashion trends, the scale and comfort of the park around the corner, or by simply walking down the street.  There’s a whole world of things that can inspire creativity, you just have to open your eyes and look!

Author’s own photo of San Francisco Architecture

Author’s own photo of San Francisco Architecture

Grania Frueh, Graphic Designer

I love everything about Findlay Market, it has such beautiful architecture and is a wonderful reminder of the city’s rich history.

The market is filled with color; from the building awnings, signage, and maps to the smells, sights, and sounds of the vendors. The Findlay Market identity and way finding designs really capture the soulful spirit of the area and just reel customers in.

Aaron Andriacco, Designer/LEED AP

I love design that evokes emotion and changes attitude.  Going through some photos I took last month, I came across the Toyota FT-1 concept and was immediately reminded of the visceral feeling I had when seeing the car.

While the car sat stationary, this design had me instantly imagining the sound of the engine at high revolutions, shifting of gears, the pull of acceleration.  It’s a design so well done that it gives you a taste of the function, that’s impressive and inspiring.