How to Create Award Winning Design Details

On November 9th the Cincinnati Design Awards celebrated design as a variety of firms across Cincinnati were recognized from an interdisciplinary jury representing architecture, interior design, graphic design, landscape design, and the local community. This year there were 91 entries submitted and K4 Interiors received an Honorable Mention in the Open Distinguished Detail category for ESD Pediatric Group.

We were so honored to accept this award because of the countless hours spent developing a great design concept into real-life design features.  We’d like to share with you the work that was behind these award winning design details.

What is a Distinguished Detail? defines as follows:

dis·tin·guished [dih-sting-gwisht] adjective made conspicuous by excellence

de·tail [dih-teyl, dee-teyl; dih-teyl] noun attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minute parts

So in summary, we were awarded for creating excellent individual design elements that were applied to and together produced a strongly unified project.  The goal was that the design elements themselves would work together so cohesively, that the end result would be more than a sum of parts, but a sum greater than its parts.

What led to the need for Distinguished Details?

ESD Pediatric Group was re-locating their current Hyde Park office into a new space in Norwood. The new office would feature more exam rooms, updated technology, and first-class design.  Dr. Jeff Drasnin (the D in ESD Pediatric Group) hired K4 Interiors for the project after seeing our work in the Youth Room at the Isaac M. Wise Temple Religious School. What instantly drew him in was our use of whimsical floor coverings and large decorative appliques on the walls that were custom-designed with ties to Hebrew storybooks.  Dr. Drasnin wanted us to incorporate this same playful theme but contemporary approach ensuring longevity, since patients attend pediatric offices from birth to age 18.

Where to begin the details?  Start with the first places people see. 

The new waiting area needed to look tidy and kept but also serve as an inviting space encouraging of play as children waited to see the doctors.   We accomplished this by designing custom trees with storage in the ‘trunks’ and light passages through the ‘leaves’. This design feature also worked with the long and narrow space we were provided.

Author's Own Photos Photography by Mark Burgess of Corporate Photo Group
Author’s Own Photos
Photography by Mark Burgess of Corporate Photo Group

Throughout the hallways various animals and natural elements are represented to continue excitement leading into the exam rooms. Each exam room features (2) walls with decorative appliques, 1 primary and 1 secondary. The primary wall is view-able immediately upon entering or when the door is open. The secondary wall further illustrates the theme of the room and keeps the child’s interest while waiting.

Here are a few images that help communicate the steps taken from design concept to completion. First, the various animals and elements were laid out per each wall in every room. Secondly, every elevation was drawn up in 2-D to receive the client’s approval.

Image 2_rev

Once the client approved the themes of the space, the various depths and edge profiles were determined that would make up this relatively large puzzle.  K4 Interiors collaborated with a custom casework company to make sure we stayed within budget and to ensure the materials & details specified would work with their machine capabilities.

Lastly, paint colors were selected which tied in with the overall design (carpet, vinyl flooring, graphics, fabrics).

Image 3 rvsd

What did we learn?

This was an interesting and challenging process due to the custom creation required of themes, animals, secondary appliques and deciding how to assemble these elements.  During the discovery phase, we found ourselves asking questions such as “What type of tree does a Koala hang out in?”  Exploring and finding answers to these questions was definitely something out of the ordinary for an Interior Designer, and a great learning experience.

We hope ESD Pediatric Group finds their new pediatric office as inspirational, functional, and aesthetically pleasing as their young patients do!

Author's Own Photo
Author’s Own Photo