Feb 4, 2017
Jack Neu

In 2014 we did a post called For the Love of Design in honor of Valentine’s Day.  We would like to repeat that blog post and give other K4 team members a chance to share their thoughts and love of all things design!

Machi Lutz – Designer
I love the design of the Washington Park and OTR area in Cincinnati.  This square or block reminds me of the Italian piazzas with great architecture surrounding a multipurpose plaza where people can relax.  These spaces evoke cultural and memorable experiences. Whether you are taking your 9-year old child out to get Holtman’s Donuts then looking for PokeStops at Washington Park or looking for that unique gift, this centralized area is an interesting place.  Washington Park is great for all ages and families.  Kids in the summer can jump in the fountain area and playground while families with dogs can enjoy the dog park.  If you are by yourself, you can relax and enjoy the surrounding architecture of the historical Music Hall, revitalized houses and restaurants. Throughout the year there are events like movies, 5k races, and small performances.  Get out to this area and create your own memories!

Julie Morgan – Designer

My love for design increases every day as a new designer who just graduated from design school. It originally developed from my interest in imagery and renderings. I love the ability to create a design and then portray its emotion and spatial connection through texture, shadows, and scale. Most clients do not capture the full sense or scale of a space through a floor plan, and I believe a render can really connect a person to the designer and to the spaces they create. Architecture and designing is more than just creating a floor plan or a structure. It is about connecting and creating a space for the client, and that is what I love about design.

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BIG’s proposal for a St. Petersburg, Florida pier Image Source

Brian Bruner – Designer

I am a big fan of ancient and classical architecture – structures that were built “too well” and lasted for thousands of years. The Ziggurat of Ur is one of these structures. I am amazed at the craftsmanship, the geometrical precision and curious as to how these structures were created without the use of modern machinery. The techniques and knowledge lost to time generate a mystery and a wonder in architecture. Modern structures that come to mind are the Bird’s Nest in China and the Water Cube; the Louvre. These buildings evoke such feelings and most importantly, they evoke a sense of community, representing more than just mass produced copies. They represent a sense of culture and identity. Creativity. A moment in time. This is what I love.

The Ziggurat of Ur Image Source

The Ziggurat of Ur
Image Source

Jason Millstone – Senior Designer

I personally love baseball cards. I am an avid collector and I display them like tiny little 2 5/8” x 3 1/2” pieces of artwork. Many will argue of their favorite year or brand of cards. Most of the high end collectors tend to stick to the early 50’s. Topps and Bowman made artistic cards. Many will argue that the Topps 1952 Set is the holy grail, however I personally like the 1953 set. Large artistic portraits that take up the whole card, smaller borders, more color. The 1953 Topps set is my favorite design for a baseball card. Topps has reintroduced the 1953 design into some of its newer cards in a Topps Heritage Series. It was great to get some of today’s great players on the throwback design. Baseball Cards will always keep me young. And the vintage designs will always keep me in love with the hobby!