Making Technology Personal

This is not propaganda for our future artificial intelligent overlords, but more of a thought how to use today’s (and tomorrow’s) technology to help your brand and still leave the personal connection intact.

First, I am a millennial; even though I’ve tried my best to prove I was a part of whatever generation people complained about previously. Even if all articles say I am a millennial, despite what you might have read, some of us do understand that in today’s world people and businesses have begun to lose the personal connection with actual human beings. That does not mean that all technology must be thought of as being the absolute reason for the problem. I’ve visited a local tv and internet provider customer service location where iPads have been installed for signing in and several national restaurant chains that have monitors on every table that allow you to do everything from calling your waiter, playing games while you wait to paying your bill, all in hopes that this will create a better customer service experience for their clientele or members. Now I will admit these devices came with some pretty spectacular issues and meltdowns, but with careful planning and strategic implementation, technology could be what sets your brand apart from the competition.

customer kiosk
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For many businesses, technology can be simple or elaborate. For example, a local small financial institution can display the local news, weather and events. Or a large restaurant chain can use technology to speed up the ordering process.

customer lobby
Commonwealth Credit Union – Shelbyville, KY Author’s Own Project Photos

Whatever the technological solution you feel is right for your business, putting a personal touch will be the key to keeping the important relationships strong with those who have helped build your brand over the years. The most important thing to remember is the customer experience, the last thing you want to do is make the longtime loyal customer/client/member feel like they are no longer valued, but rather, they should feel like you are using technology to help you reach the next step in your important relationship.