About This Project

Goshen, IN - 6,210 s.f.

The Goshen branch for the First State Bank of Middlebury is near Goshen College, located in Goshen’s revitalized downtown that is heavily saturated by the millennial demographic.


The design and remodel of this branch will serve as a “kit of parts” for future remodels and expansions and is a direct reflection of the new branding implementation recently completed by the bank.  The design intent was to showcase these new branding efforts, and to attract in the younger population to the modern and updated space.  Working within the long and narrow space posed a design challenge, as well as repositioning the teller line to face the building entry for safety and security purposes.  The offices were also repositioned in the same manner to increase visibility throughout the branch.  The second floor had previously been an open mezzanine for financial managements services, and a private office and conference room were added to enhance the space.


Finally, customer engagement stations were added to reinforce the new branding and to attract patrons to self-banking options and interactive features; such as charging stations, an interactive television, and a four-screen marketing display to name a few.

“Having worked with K4 in the past I knew what to expect.  A project completed on budget, on time and transparency throughout the process.  Before the remodel, our office was dark, narrow and lacked some key safety features.  Without moving an exterior wall, we now have a bright, welcoming office that is designed with the safety of customers and employees in mind.  The first thing everyone notices is how bright and energizing the office is.  It is such a stark contrast to before that customer cannot believe they are in the same space.”

-Joe Caffee, ‎President & CEO of ‎First State Bank Middlebury