How to Create an Infographic in 5 Easy Steps!

Last month we decided to take on the challenge of creating our first Infographic.  We wanted something new and fresh, while remaining objective and in quality content providing mode.  The idea was to address information gleaned from recent trade show conversations with our clients and prospects, that many bank branches in our service area are in need of remodels and are in the information gathering phase of the remodel process.  The development of the Infographic turned out to be a little more challenging than expected, but we are so pleased with the end result.  The 5 Steps below are general guidelines to point you in the right direction of Infographic creation.

Is it time for a branch remodel? Take this 6 step branch assessment.
Is it time for a branch remodel? Take this 6 step branch assessment.

1.  Content is Still King!

What is something of value that you can provide to your audience?  How can you present it to them in an engaging way?  In K4’s case; we design, build, and remodel many community banks and credit unions.  Our trade show attendance and talking with those that work at these financial institutions has revealed to us that many employees feel it is time for a remodel but the decision of how and when to invest in making the change is often a difficult one.

2.  Gather Your Infographic Making Tools!

We are lucky to have a graphic designer to make the ideas on paper come to life for our graphic projects, but you can still make an Infographic if you don’t have a designer with some free tools.

3.  Visualize the Shape it Will Take.

Once the text for the Infographic was down on paper, it seemed evident this the graphics were going to take a board game shape.  Our graphic designer enhanced the shape of the game with design resembling the Fibonacci spiral, featured in the K4 logo.

4.  Revise, Revise, Revise.

When you are editing something that is not a word doc, and in an engaging fomat, the small details and misspellings can be more difficult to spot as your brain becomes actively engaged in the game.  We probably had at least 10 rounds of revisions on this, with five sets of eyes on it.  It was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…but worth it to get to an error-free end result.

5.  Find the Right Vehicle(s) to Promote It. 

We are so excited that The Ohio Community Banker magazine will be featuring this Infographic in their 2nd quarter publication, due out any day, to be distributed to Banking Executives and members of the Community Bankers Association of Ohio.  The publication is set to hit just before we attend their annual convention in August and we hope it is as eye catching as intended.  We are excited to receive feedback and anticipate it becoming a conversation piece at our exhibit booth.

Stay tuned for the link!  Once published, we’ll be promoting it via email campaigns and also through social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.