Using LinkedIn as a Business Development Tool Part II, The “My Network” Tab in the LinkedIn App

In my last blog post, 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn as a Business Development Tool, I talked about using the power of LinkedIn to attract and retain business, so a natural follow-up would have been to talk about the Connected© App that runs on both Android and the iPhone that makes some of the activities I discussed in that post easier to accomplish.  But on Thursday of last week (1/21/16) LinkedIn announced that they are retiring the Connected App as they have moved all the functionality into the main LinkedIn App.  The functionality that was in the Connected App, and now in the My Network section of the LinkedIn App, are just too good and efficient not to make you aware of: job changes, birthdays, and syncs to people you are meeting with.

Author screenshot
Author screenshot

Why are job changes in your network important?  As I said in the previous post, “A satisfied customer at a new company opens up the door to you for new opportunities, and lets you know you have to renew or foster other contacts at the old company so someone doesn’t replace you as the ‘go to’ vendor.”  Reviewing a new job update from a LinkedIn connection shows you keep up with your network as well as allowing for new business opportunities.

Wishing someone “Happy Birthday” gives you an opportunity to connect on a different level; to celebrate (or commiserate) if it is a milestone birthday, or just having someone be pleased you took the time to acknowledge their birthday.

But the greatest feature or functionality this App gives is if you sync it with your calendar.  If all the people you are meeting with are in the invite section of the meeting notice, you will get their profile prior to the meeting.  That gives you a chance to review their past work history, similar connections, and/or education to find common ground before or during the meeting.  And if someone you have never met before is included in the meeting, you will already have your homework about them done for you!! And you can establish common ground with them as well, either during the meeting or right after (and of course connect with them via LinkedIn!)

Note: It’s true, that new jobs and birthdays are published in the on-line version, but the App gathers them all in one place and you can swipe through them and respond quickly to all of them in just a few minutes.

I was sorry to see the announcement that my old friend the Connected App is going away, but with the functionality transferred to the LinkedIn App I can still accomplish everything I’m used to doing on a daily basis.  I hope you will give the App and the “My Network” tab a try.