About This Project

Kroger Marketplace in Troy, OH - 855 s.f.

A brand new Kroger Marketplace facility was being built in Troy, OH and Greenville Federal was approached to be a tenant.  The design challenge was to create a full-service branch in a very small footprint of 855 square feet.


The branch consists of 3 offices and 3 tellers, a waiting area, a personal storage box area, and also a drive through with service area that is not visible from the branch lobby.


The overall color scheme was enhanced by adding in a lighter green shade to the color palette, to connect with Grenville Federal’s brand,  combined with sable wood tone flooring for a retail feel.  The new colors and materials give the space a lighter, open feel to the small space but also complement the dark green brand color and the Greenville Federal logo.


The graphics inside the branch pay tribute to the local surrounding area, while the graphics outside the branch feature illustrations complimentary to Kroger’s in-store branding.