About This Project

Greensburg, IN - 3.900 S.F.

Napoleon State Bank partnered with K4 for a new prototype branch design. They wanted to place an importance in reflecting the character of the Greensburg community while updating the branch’s facilities. This branch was to establish a new prototype design similar to the main office, located nearby.


To do so, the exterior color palette and the clerestory that is the main dominant design focal point of the building was carried over from the main office while allowing for an adjustment in size to the smaller branch building. It also allows the light to flow into the volume of the interior space.


Through a collaborative effort with the contractor, the design of the interior trusses were developed to be one of the signature elements of the building and reflective of the overall structure of the building.


The interior environmental graphics also pulled in elements unique to the town including the bridge graphic that sweeps across the curved soffit above the teller line, complimentary to the composition of the trusses above.