About This Project

Richwood, OH - 7,800 s.f.

The Richwood Bank remodel is more than just an updated lobby redesign, it is a venture into the branch transformation and banking model of the future by upgrading customer service into the ultimate customer experience. Richwood had not remodeled the lobby since 1958 and wanted to drive lobby traffic. The design challenge was to find a way to leverage that and create an experience that the residents of the area would enjoy and visit repeatedly. The POD concept and cash recyclers were implemented as well as Richwood Coffee and meeting spaces for social interaction. From 10 to 90 years old, the customers seems to enjoy the experience and Richwood Bank started opening 90 minutes earlier to accommodate customers and the increased traffic on their way to work and school during that time. This destination branch concept and banking/retail hybrid have been a success for Richwood Bank and are under consideration as the new prototype for all branches.

“I met the individuals of K4 at the CBAO Convention and found out they designed not only banks but had designed retail space as well. Because of the uniqueness of our project, we wanted that kind of experience. We were very pleased with their design. They definitely listened to us and created something that would satisfy all of our needs.”

-Chad Hoffman, CEO of Richwood Bank