About This Project

Madison, IN - 5,169 s.f.

Leading a charge to create a more sustainable future for its community, The Friendship State Bank incorporated energy efficient design and environmentally conscience construction methods to create their new branch. The new building takes a holistic approach to environmental sustainability.


The bank turned to K4 to develop a space that could reflect the community’s values while incorporating cutting edge sustainability features. The project includes solar power and energy efficient strategies such as configuring the building to act as the supporting framework for a solar array. The solar panels can annually save 25,000 pounds of coal. The long and narrow footprint of the building is a sustainable feature that allows natural light to reach all interior spaces.


The building also uses a Trombe wall, a concrete wall that sits behind glass designed to absorb solar energy during the day, and releases it throughout the night. Glulam timber, an engineered wood product, was uses as a feature in the building’s interior ceiling. Glulam uses natural resources that can be completely replenished in a matter of years.