Building Brand

James Archer, CEO of fortyagency in Phoenix Arizona, emphasizes the “Experience of Design” with regards to your Brand in this way: “Building rich experiences takes a holistic approach that goes far beyond graphic design and marketing. This type of work involves creating meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impression.”

Just as individuals can be defined or understood by their character; groups, organizations and businesses have an identity that is an embodiment of their character. In the world of commerce, products and services, this is known as Brand.  While Brand sometimes has the negative connotation of being the spin a marketer may use to create the illusion of a preferred identity, it really stands for “who you are.” An example of the core of who you are is, “how do you act, behave and think, when you believe no one else is watching?” Many of us as individuals have an image of ourselves, an image that defines how we wish to be perceived, but how close is that image to the picture others may actually have of us? For businesses and organizations, logos and graphics, marketing and advertising slogans are used to “tell” the world of potential customers who they are- but do the employees or members of those businesses and organizations live up to that? Do they even know what the company Brand is? This may be especially difficult to convey in the service sector. Does the physical environment reinforce your true values or Experience of your goods and services?

While our evolving technologies, gadgets and social media, have greatly expanded our capabilities to Design Experience in the digital, virtual realm, it cannot compete with the power of the real 3d world your customers will experience when you have them captured within your Branded Environment. (Think “a picture is worth a thousand words…so how many pictures does it take to create the real environment?”) This experience is enhanced by the visual elements of color and forms, lighting, graphics and ornament; and most importantly, the way in which a customer is engaged in the experience with customer service. How are they greeted? How they are approached-where is the customer interface with the people of the Brand (the Staff!). How are they accommodated while they wait for service? Many people spend a lifetime making a home, one that is a reflection of who they are, their travels, their loves; in short, their Experiences. Much of that can be felt when visitors enter the home. But many companies don’t give their physical environment much thought; it’s about the food, the service or the widget, (the price!) when really: it’s about the Value of the Experience.

People may not remember everything they are told about your Brand (including price!), but they will always remember how the Experience of your Brand made them feel. And if that feeling is positive, and resonates with them, they will be back.